These guidelines are subject to change at my (not your) discretion.  For example, if I feel inspired or comfortable to draw dismemberment based on the context of a commission description, I may draw it.  You're welcome to ask, but never assume it will be accepted.  I reserve the right to decline a commission under any circumstances for any reason(s).


  Addendum to 'Be Aware' section.
  Addition of 'Posting Rights' section.
  Minor changes to 'What I Won't Draw' section.

What I Won't Draw

  - My Little Pony
  - Overtly feminine or "cutesy" male characters
  - Bloodletting/Bleeding
  - Death
  - Dismemberment
  - "Intentional" amputees
  - Guero/Gore
  - Overly complicated characters or objects (Such as mecha, robots, specifically detailed outfits, grotesquely defined musculature, vehicles, etc.)
  - Most kinds of Anime including Neko characters (Some exceptions to this are Zorori, Sherlock Hound, King Kazma, and a small few Pokemon.  No Digimon.)
  - Babyfurs
  - Diapers
  - Scat
  - Asphyxiation
  - Hermaphrodites or Gender-swapping
  - Female characters who "happen to also have a penis" or inversely the same for males
  - Purposely offensive material such as (but not limited to) grotesque/disgusting creatures or situations, racist or religious commentary and political satire

What I'm Good At (And Enjoy) Drawing

  - Male characters who compose themselves like male characters
  - Character concept designs
  - 90's American (Western) cartoons
  - Thin, lean or fit figures
  - Wild takes/expressions
  - Cartoony physics
  - Weasels
  - Rabbits
  - Rodents
  - Canines
  - Lizards
  - Bats
  - Comedic situations
  - Happy situations
What Can I Do With It?

  Once you have the finished image, you can do what you like with it.  Just please remember to credit me when/where necessary, and don't try to profit from it.
When Do I Pay?

  I won't start the work until I receive payment.  If the payment needs to be verified through Paypal's site (some payments don't notify by email depending on how they're submitted), please mention it in the email.  Once I receive payment I'll place it in my queue and start on it as soon as it comes up.
When Should I Expect It?

  My aim is to have every commission completed within a month's time.  No later.  I will give you an estimated time to expect delivery in response to your initial email based on my current workload and free time.
Be Aware

  Art may (and likely will) be worked on in my streams unless explicitly requested not to be.  I will work on art outside of streams as well, but if I have the opportunity I find streaming to be helpful for the process.  It's also a great way for the buyer to see the progress of their commission!  While I do stream commissions, I do not do private or invite-only streams.  People enjoy watching me work, and I enjoy having them.  I also very rarely use Skype voice chat and even less so when I'm drawing as I find it distracting.  So if you're looking forward to this being an opportunity to have some one-on-one time with me while I work on your art, you will be disappointed.  The only limiting I have for my streams is the removal of disruptive people in the chat.
What If Something's Not Right?

  I will send you your image in steps as it is worked on for you to approve of or request minor adjustments before continuing on to the next step.  If I send an example and you give no response within three days, I will assume you're happy with the progress and will continue forward.  If at the end of the production cycle you have problems with the product, it will be up to me whether or not I allow further modification requests.  Asking for changes based on outside events (such as someone you're buying the piece for has decided their character likes blue sweaters instead of red, or you break up with your mate and no longer want to include them), I will most likely decline any such changes without compensation for the added trouble.  Keep that in mind.
Animation Commissions

  These are expensive because they're very time-consuming.  And because of that we should make time to actually discuss what it is you want to purchase so that there are no delays, hangups or wasted time.  They are priced by seconds of animation inwhich you will have 24 frames of animation 'on twos', that means there will be 12 hand-drawn frames in a second and each frame will span two frames.  This isn't a form of cheating.  It's an industry standard most often used in feature film productions.  The backgrounds are priced the way they are because I don't intend to move them.  They would be stationary.
Posting Rights
  With the exception of temporary posting delays on Christmas gifts (no other holiday), if you want me to delay posting a commission or to never post it at all, I will be charging extra for this.  It's difficult to remember who doesn't want me posting images at what times, and not convenient when I do go through posting my artwork.

  Delayed posting - $5 per week of delay
  Never posting   - $10 or 10% of original price, whichever is greater
Pricing (These prices are non-negotiable)

  Vehicles and specifically detailed objects are treated as additional characters.
  Backgrounds, objects or character designs that call for careful attention to detail will be more than stated price.
  If a character calls for a lot of specific colors, tattoos, scars or markings at particular locations, that will count as detail.

        BRUSH INKED   $20            $10                 $20                          
         FLAT COLOR   $25            $13                 $25                          
 MONOCHROME SHADING   $28            $17                 $28                          
     SIMPLE SHADING   $38            $21                 $38                          
    COMPLEX SHADING   $47            $25                 $47                          
          PEN INKED   $35            $13                 $30                          
         FLAT COLOR   $40            $17                 $40                          
 MONOCHROME SHADING   $43            $21                 $43                          
     SIMPLE SHADING   $53            $25                 $53                          
        CEL SHADING   $63            $30                 $63                          
    COMPLEX SHADING   $70            $35                 $70                          
           LINELESS  $100            $60                $100                          

       ROUGH SKETCH   $50/sec           +$30/sec        +$4                           
  CLEANED UP SKETCH   $75/sec           +$40/sec        +$5                           
     SMOOTH PHYSICS  $125/sec           +$55/sec        +$5                           
       ROUGH SKETCH   $75/sec           +$45/sec        +$4                           
  CLEANED UP SKETCH  $100/sec           +$85/sec        +$5                           
     SMOOTH PHYSICS  $175/sec          +$125/sec        +$5